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What People Are Saying About School Of Supernatutal

To me, the School of the Supernatural is a place that you can come as you are, but as you sit under the Word of God, your mind will be renewed, and your heart will be transformed, by the power of God. My favourite course was the School of the Prophets, because in that course, we were taught how to hear the voice of God and be catapulted into our prophetic destiny.


For me personally, the School of the Supernatural means absolute empowerment to fulfill your divine assignment. My favourite course is Kingdom Business, because it is so important for born again believers to understand their role as kings in the earth today. I would recommend this school to anyone out there, because it has something for everyone.


The School of the Supernatural, has impacted every area of my life. It was something that I have always longed to do. My favourite courses were, The Power of Redemption, and The Dominion of the Believer. When I completed them, I had a greater understanding of who I am in Christ, and what my dominion is upon the earth.


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